Thursday, January 19, 2017


 Thank you Mother Nature for sending all this beautiful snow on a day I wasn't feeling good.  It kept my kids entertained for a long time so I could relax inside.  They had fun making a snowman, snow fort and throwing snowballs.  Gavin stayed out until it was dark and still didn't want to come in!

 And by the look of his nose, you can tell why I didn't send Liam out!  He really wanted to join them, but I'm sure once he felt how cold it is out there, he would have wanted to come right back in!
 I love how my kids are old enough to go out and build their own snowman, and I can just sit inside and watch :)

Family Night Fun!

 For Family Night one night we decided to break out Twister.  The kids had a lot of fun getting all twisted up!

 Crazy hair!
 And then some wrestling!

Liam Selfies

 Liam LOVES the camera.  He loves it when we take selfies and then he loves looking at them after.  The best way to keep him entertained is to give him my phone where he looks at all the pictures and videos (mostly of himself).  Not vain at all!
 Just a little Liam update: He is doing really well!  He has been pretty healthy (knock on wood) this winter and has enjoyed going to preschool at Alpine Elementary.  He has a great teacher and aids.  He has been talking a lot!  His speech therapist wanted a list of the words he can say, and we were able to come up with about 50 words! Only Casey or I would be able to understand most, but he does have a few that are pretty clear to hear.  Love our Little Liam!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mt Rushmore trip

 We took a last minute trip this summer to Mt. Rushmore.  Casey and Jared have talked about for years about taking our families on a trip, so we finally made it happen with the Larson's.  We had such a great time.  The kids got along, and Casey and I enjoyed spending time with Jess and Jared.

It is a long drive (10 hours), so we tried to make a few stops on the way.  Our first stop was Fort Bridger.  We saw some neat buildings and went through a little museum.
 For the 1st night, we stopped in Gillette WY, about 2 hours away from Mt. Rushmore.  We got in late and so we just found somewhere to eat and then took the kids swimming.  We were there at 10pm, and no one else was there, so we had the pool to ourselves!

 The next morning we checked out of the hotel and drove 2 hours to Mt. Rushmore.  It was a rainy, cool day, a welcome from the heat we have been having.  It was neat driving in the Black Hills, and we came around a bend, and there was the iconic mountain. 
 Gavin and Brielle

 Asher, Brielle, Tate, Kyson, Gavin, Liam and Adalyn

 Tate and his "sword"
 These two boys have so much in common. Our blond hair, blue eyed crazy boys

 We then went into Rapid City and went to Dinosaur Land.  We just climbed stairs to this top of the hill where they had these large statues.  I loved the view seeing the city down below.

 We then went to a cabin we were staying at the first night.  It was a beautiful home in the mountains.  It had huge windows that looked out over the trees.  We had some deer running wild right out the door.  The kids had fun playing games and swimming in the hot tub.

 Liam was so tired after a long day.  He was just sitting with Casey watching a movie and fell asleep

The next day we headed to Bear Country.  We drove down a street and saw wind animals everywhere.  Wolves, sheep and lots of bears.  They are not caged, so we have to stay in our cars and many times animals would cross the road in front of us.  We even saw a ram get up on a car!  The bears were really fun to see though.  They were everywhere!

 Baby Bears

 The last place we stayed was another cabin, but it was in the mountains with a lot of land for the kids to run and play.  We loved spending time outside.
 Liam was so excited watching the volleyball.  He loves balls right now!
 The next day we went to Storybook Island.  It is just a big park with lots of story character themed slides and play equipment.  It was a very hot day, so I don't think the kids enjoyed it as much as they could have.

 Magic show.  Adalyn and Gavin were called up to help

 We then went to a mine for a tour. The Black Hills are know for their many mines.

 I had to post some more pictures of this amazing place we stayed.  Here is the driveway

 On the drive home, we made a couple more stops.  Here is Devil's Tower

 Independence Rock
 Kids loved climbing the rock
 See the bunny? Gavin found out how much fun it is to chase rabbits on this trip

 We also stopped at Martin's Cove.  It was neat to be at the same places our ancestors traveled.

Thank you Larson's for a great trip!