Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Elder Spence

My little brother, Logan just got his mission call today. We all met at 9:30 to watch him open the letter. He got called to the Rio Degenario, Brazil mission. He leaves on June 28, so we have a few months with him. We will really miss him. There isn't a weekend where he isn't at our house. I think we all will have a hard time when he leaves. He'll be fine, but we will be the ones who will struggle!

Elder Logan Spence Posted by Picasa

Reading his mission call Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Damon and Braxton with Belle

This weekend Damon was able to come down and see the new puppy. He loved carrying her around the house. Bear loves to come up and start play bitting Belle, and Damon would get so mad and Bear because he thought he was hurting Belle.

Braxton also had a lot of fun with the puppy. He loves giving kisses to anyone and anything, so Belle got a lot of slobber on her!

Brynn and Damon with the dogs Posted by Picasa

Damon with Belle Posted by Picasa

Giving Belle kisses Posted by Picasa

Braxton with Belle Posted by Picasa

Goodbye Chantel

On Thursday, as a training group, we went out together as a farewell to Chantel. We went bowling, and hen went to lunch at Wendy's.

Chantel is atrainer with me, and we have become really close, so it is really sad to see her go! She graduated last year in Psychology, and decided to get a job in her field. She will be working now for DCFS. This has been such a fun group to work with. We have been together for about a year and a half, with no changes, and now gradually everyone is moving on. Allison had her baby, Chantel is leaving, and my manager will also be moving on to another position within the company. We'll have some sad, but exciting changes happen as new individuals come in to fill the positions.

Our training group (left to right) Top: David Wadley, Jono Bailey, David Baker. Bottom: Chantel Harvey, Nancy Liufau, Brynn Posted by Picasa

Brynn and Chanel  Posted by Picasa

Don't I look like a professional bowler? Posted by Picasa

David Wadley Posted by Picasa

Nancy Liufau Posted by Picasa

Jono Bailey Posted by Picasa

Chantel Harvey Posted by Picasa

David Baker Posted by Picasa

Jono Bailey and David Wadley Posted by Picasa