Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer can begin!!!

 We started off our summer right by celebrating Memorial Day with family.  We started off the morning have breakfast at Floyd and Barbara's and then got to jump on the bounce house.  Everyone had a blast on it, including Liam!

 We then met up at the park for lunch with my family and had fun playing in the Splash Pad.

 Liam's cute bear crawl as he is trying to go in the splash pad.  He didn't want to get wet, so anytime he got splashed he'd quickly crawl back out.

 Today we were able to relax a little bit at home and the kids played in the pool while I got some weeding done.  So far, not a bad summer!

Soccer Season comes to an end

 Gavin had a fun soccer year.  He had great coaches who were so positive and a really good team who worked really well together.  Sad to see the season come to an end!

 Kyson had such a cute little team this year who kicked butt!  They won every game and Kyson had many goals to help with that.  After playing with some of these kids and coach for 3 years we are sad to have some changes next year.  Kyson loved Coach Andy and will miss him!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Liam 2 1/2

 Can't believe this little boy is almost 2 1/2!  He is making some big progress right now.  He's not walking yet, but has started standing up on his own and taking a couple tiny steps on his own.

 He is starting to get more teeth.  He's had molars in the back for a while, bu just started getting that little tooth in the front, another one right next to it and a couple more molars in the back.
 He's been a little uncomfortable and constant runny nose, but mostly a happy boy.

 We try to sit down a few days a week and work out of Liam's "Learning Box".  It is a box full of toys we go through to work on his fine motor skills like stacking, matching and sorting.
 He is learning his animal noises right now. Can you hear him saying "oooo" for cow?  He also snorts for pig, "a-a-a" for sheep, "b,b,b" for chicken, "k,k,k," for duck.

 He also loves his books.  I found him in his chair reading his book all on his own the other day.  Such a cutie.