Saturday, September 05, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa

My mom and dad with their 13 grandkids

My tiny dancer

Adalyn started dance at Dance Showcase and loves dance class!

Kellie runs for Liam

 Shortly after Liam was born I found a neat support group called "I Run 4 Michael". It pairs your child with special needs to a runner. And that runner runs for your child. It is another support group for our family as well as a motivator for the runner. We were so blessed to get paired up with Kellie Crisp who has been such a wonderful support to us. She runs for Liam and is such a great example of strength, courage and love. She's in the navy fixing airplanes just got deployed to Isa, Bahrain. We just got in the mail this sweet package from her. She sent us her NAM a medal she received and a bear that says "Someone in the navy loves me!" Thank you Kellie for all you have done for our little Liam! We'll keep you in our prayers!
 And here's some of him just because he's so cute!