Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ring Leader and her Posse

These girls are going to be getting into so much trouble together.....

Here are the 3 recent additions to our family (and Alicia will be adding a 4th this summer!)
Sadie (5 1/2 months) Avery (2 months) Adalyn (3 weeks)

The Pass of all Passes

For Christmas, my parents gave our family "The Pass of all Passes" where we have full access to Seven Peaks and Trafalga. We enjoyed some mini golf and lazer tag and are so excited to use it again! Thanks mom and dad!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There is a lot of LOVE in our house for this little girl...

So much love, Gavin sings to her all the time...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Adalyn at 2 weeks

Wow! Has it been 2 weeks already? Tomorrow will be when she is 2 weeks old. We visited the doctor this week for her 1 week check up and she is already back up to her birth weight and is looking great! She has been such a good baby and sleeps and eats really good. She likes to be snuggled, so we are working on her being able to sleep in the bassinet or crib. She always wakes up after a few minutes in there on her own. But I don't mind snuggling her...

Hair Cuts

My boys get the craziest hair when it gets a tiny bit too long. They do really good when Casey gets out the clippers to cut their hair. Kyson sits so still and Gavin does good, unless you are around his ears and then he laughs and wiggles because it tickles. I just had to post these pictures because Kyson was so cute sitting there with his arms folded.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Brotherly Love

I love how cute Gavin and Kyson are with Adalyn. They love her so much. Gavin tells me almost everyday that he is so glad he has a baby sister. Today she was fussing in her bouncer, and immediately both boys go running to her. Gavin starts talking to her and Kyson ran to get her binkie to give to her. She is so lucky to have such great big brothers!

Gavin will be the protective sweet older brother.

Kyson will be the fun, cool older brother

And this was put in just because it was cute. I love her hands...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


We came home on Sunday, and things have been going pretty smoothly around here. The boys are so good at playing with each other and Adalyn has been as good as a newborn can be.

Going home:

Gavin and Kyson have been so good at entertaining themselves. They play with their toys good, watch their shows and here they are painting.
Kyson told me this was a rainbow...
Gavin said this is a picture for my birthday someday.
Gavin loves to hold Adalyn. It has been really helpful too!
And here are some cute pictures of our little girl. I love dressing her up each day and choosing which bows to put in her hair.