Friday, August 18, 2006

Good-bye Convergys

I have had a crazy couple of days! On Thursday I got a phone call from the Education Department Chair at UVSC, letting me know that I have been selected to be an intern this year. Today, I had a meeting to hear all the details and decide if that is what I want to do. I decided I wanted to do it, went to work, told my boss I was quitting, packed up my stuff, transitioned all my work to my co-workers and went and saw my Principal and my school. I will be teaching 1st grade at Westfield Elementry in Alpine. I am so excited for this great experience! I know I'll be busy, but it will be rewarding! Wish me luck!!

My desk all packed up Posted by Picasa

The zoo

On Thursday, I went to the zoo with my mom and sisters. It was really fun to see all the animals, and especially the new exhibits. The elphant exhibit and the tiger exhibit looked really good since they have re-done them. I really enjoyed watching the bird show, it was very entertaining.

Getting a picture with the elephant Posted by Picasa

The elephant is painting a picture Posted by Picasa

Getting a picture with a Bald Eagle after the Bird show Posted by Picasa

Giraffe Posted by Picasa

Brynn, Braxton and the Bear behind us Posted by Picasa

Damon with the Rhinos Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Flaming Gorge

We had a fun trip to Flaming Gorge this weekend with my family. My did has a cousin, Sandee who lives in Green River, Wyoming, so we planned this trip with her and her family. We left on Friday afternoon and traveled 3 hours to Green River. We decided to take the dogs with us on this trip, and they loved the long car ride. Bear found a nice bed on top of all our stuff we had packed and slept the whole way. When we got to Sandee and Rudy's, we headed of to Flaming Gorge, which is about a half an hour away. We got all our tents up and started dinner. Sandee and Rudy dropped off their trailer, and then headed back to Green River to get the boat. While they were gone, Damon went into their trailer to play, and the wind blew the door closed, and the door locked. It was so funny seeing everyone try to get him out. Doug was finally able to reach his hand through the window and get him out.

That evening we had a really good dinner in the dutch oven. Later, Doug and Casey decided they were going to go out into the lake to take a bath. They took Damon and Braxton out there to get washed up too, and they loved it! The water wasn't too cold, but it wasn't warm either, so I was suprised they loved it! They didn't want to get out!

The next morning, after breakfast, Sandee took us girls and the little boys out for a ride on the boat. It was really nice. When we got back, the boys wanted to go out and water ski. Doug had forgotten he had his glasses on and dove in the water and lost his glasses. I felt so bad because that was his only pair and he didn't have contacts, and he is very blind with out them! He was able to get up and water ski a few times. I wanted to go tubing, but the weather started to get really bad. At one point, it was raining so bad and it was so windy we all had to get in our tents for cover! When the wind and rain was done, there was dirt everywhere! We kept thinking that the weather was going to get better, but it seemed like it was getting worse and worse, so we all decided to pack up and leave. It felt really nice to come home and take a nice long shower, use a real toilet, and sleep in a nice comfortable bed!

Casey and Brynn Posted by Picasa

Bear enjoying the long ride on top of our stuff Posted by Picasa

Everyone trying to figure out how to get Damon out. Posted by Picasa

Doug was the one who finally was able to reach in and unlock the door. Posted by Picasa

Throwing rocks in the water. Posted by Picasa

Casey and Doug giving Damon and Braxton a bath in the lake. Posted by Picasa

After their bath in the cold lake Posted by Picasa

Brynn and Autumn Posted by Picasa

Braxton really did like the boat ride...he just didn't want to get his picture taken! Posted by Picasa

Damon and Alicia...Damon loved riding on the boat...and even went tubing! Posted by Picasa

Doug water skiing Posted by Picasa

Taking a ride with Aaron on the 4 Wheeler. Posted by Picasa

My mom's first time on a 4 Wheeler. She had to ride it so that she could go back to work and tell all the ladies she works with that she has finally driven a 4 Wheeler. Apparently all the ladies she works with own 4 wheelers and go out in them all the time. Posted by Picasa

Damon and Braxton playing on the 4 Wheeler Posted by Picasa

Damon playing on the 4 Wheeler Posted by Picasa