Thursday, December 19, 2013

And our journey begins...

 I know that we have a long journey ahead of us.  A journey full of ups and downs.  A journey dealing with Liam's delays and his health.   Liam has been a very healthy baby, and I was hoping our trips to the hospital and doctor visits would be a ways down the road.  On Wednesday, we went up to Primary Children's Hospital for an Echocardiogram.  So far, the doctor hasn't heard any heart murmurs and his heart sounded great, but just to be safe, we needed to get an ultrasound on his heart so we can make sure everything looks okay.  The Cardiologist came in after and told us he had three things to be concerned about. 

1. He has a small hole between the left and right Ventrical Chambers in his heart.  That will more then likely close on its own.
2.  He has a medium sized hold between the left and right Atrium Chambers in his heart.  This one has a 50% chance of closing on its own, and if it doesn't he'll have to have surgery.
3. He has Pulmonary hypertension, which means while in utero a one of the passages to his Aorta was closed off, so the Right Ventrical Chamber in his heart had to work extra hard to push blood into his Pulmonary artery.  So he'll have to be on oxygen for 6-15 weeks to help his heart not have to work so hard. 

He has done awesome with the oxygen and still sleeps and eats great with it in. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Angel Baby

Our sweet little Liam is now 1 week old.  He is such a sweet and calm baby.  We couldn't be more in love with this little guy.

When Liam was born, the first thing I noticed was that he looked like he had Down syndrome.  I pushed the thought aside because he was born facing up, so I guessed he was just swollen.  The doctor took the baby and started checking him out.  Dr. Doyle asked if I had a test done at about 18 weeks to test for Down syndrome.  My heart just dropped when he asked me because that meant the doctor was thinking the same thing I was.  He then told us that Liam had some indicators for Down syndrome, and that he would do a Chromosomal test.  It could take up to a week to get the results.  He was very positive and said that Liam is very healthy and his heart and thyroid were good and so for now, we are going to treat him as a healthy baby boy as we wait for the test results.

As each day went by, I was more and more sure he didn't have Down syndrome.  He looked a lot like Kyson did when he was a baby. On Thursday morning, we got a phone call from Dr. Doyle and he told me he got the test results back and they came back positive for Down syndrome.

The reality of having a child with Down syndrome hasn't really hit us yet.  He is just like any other baby.  Sleeps lots, eats lots and is very healthy.  So, for right now we are doing great.  I feel like we have been so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends who have been so wonderful though this and will continue to be a great support when we have our hard days.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas to us!

 We had a little surprise come a week and a half early. Our little Liam Jackson Losee was born on December 5 at 4:58 am.  He was 5 lbs and 15 oz and 18 inches long.  I went to bed that night just fine, and woke up an hour later with a contraction, and then they kept getting closer and closer together.  We went to the hospital around 3:00 and I was dialating so fast that I ended up having a spinal block instead of an epideral and was already at 10 when I finally got it!  I was in so much pain, it was so nice to finally have some relief!  Pushing took longer because he was face up, so I was glad to have the spinal block.  We are so in love with this little boy.  He has been such a GOOD baby.  He sleeps really well.  He is doing much better at eating as well, he just keeps falling asleep!  His siblings are so in love with him as well.  Gavin is very curious and asks a lot of questions.  Kyson thinks he is "such a cutie!" and Adalyn loves to give him hugs and hold him.