Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Indoor Pool

We really need the hot weather back so we can get out the pool again! Gavin loves playing in water, and found out that the sink is pretty fun to play in. He was pretty entertained here for a while playing in the water. His little side-kick was right there by his side the whole time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crazy Kyson

Kyson seemed to be a quiet little boy, but he has really shown his true colors lately! He is going to be our little comedian. He does funny things everyday that make me laugh. This is what he did today...

This is where I found him hiding:

He is also talking more and more. On my birthday we were eating cake, and he would walk around to everyone and say "Pees" so he could get a bite of their cake. The first 2 videos show him saying please. I thought it was so cute I had to post it. The last video is just a little glimps of what he is like.

Summer comes to an end...

Well, summer is coming to an end. Today is my last day home. Tomorrow I start meetings and testing, and Wednesday is the 1st day of school. I am actually really excited for school to start. I love teaching, and this summer I took a couple classes, so I'm excited to make some changes in my teaching. We'll see how it goes. I'm teaching part-time again this year, and we are back on our crazy schedule with Casey working early mornings so he can be home by the time I leave.

I just had to post these pictures because I am so proud of Casey and I because of what we accomplished this summer! We have been working really hard at getting our yard to look green, and look how beautiful it is! When we moved in the grass was brown, weeds were everywhere, but Casey fixed the sprinklers, we brought in compost, and I was a crazy lady at 11:00 at night out there fertilizing in the middle of our summer storms. We got our garden planted late, so now we are finally getting some tomatoes and peppers, and I see little cucumbers, squash and zucchini on the vine. I'm so excited to eat those!

Here is the front yard...

The backyard. Most of this was dead when we moved in. Amazing what water and fertilizer can do!
My garden
The deck

You can kind of see our next project. The grass around the sandbox is dead, so we have tilled it, and are going to bring in more dirt and plant grass. It looked much worse, we were going to take out about half of the back yard, but Casey got the sprinklers working and it revived most of the grass, just not what was around the sandbox.
View from our back deck. Not the most beautiful view. It is the Country Club's shed. At least is it quiet and private.
We still have a lot to do, but that can wait for next summer...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We have had a busy summer, but wanted to squeeze a trip in before school started. Since we are trying to save our money, we decided to stay close to home, and camp out. We went up AF canyon and camped at Timpanooke. We origonally planned to stay 2 nights, but glad we only stayed 1! It was a lot of fun, but with blow-up mattress that had a hole in it, and 2 little boys and 3 dogs, sleeping wasn't the most enjoyable part!

We had fun hiking around, making good food, and relaxing by the fire. Gavin thought it all was so exciting. He was so excited before we left to go camping, he just sat in the car while we were packing up the car. When we got there he kept asking Casey to make a fire. He also loved hanging out in the tent. In the afternoon, we decided to go lay down, and have the boys play around in the tent. Gavin just laid in his sleeping bag next to us. He was so excited to go to bed that night. We thought we'd put Kyson down first, but Kyson kept crying, so I told Gavin it was his turn to go to bed. I thought he'd have a fit, but he went right in and laid down. He did play for a little bit, but stayed in his sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep (we purposely didn't give him a nap, hoping this would happen). The next morning when it was time to pack up and go, he got kept saying "I want to sleep 1 more!" Meaning he wanted to spend another night here. When Casey was taking down the tent, Gavin stood in front of it and said "No Dad!" He had too much fun, and when you ask him about his weekend, he gets so excited and his face gets so animated as he says "Camping! Fire! I sleep in tent!"

Kyson was a very messy child at the end of the trip! He LOVED running around getting dirty, and getting the dogs dirty. I kept finding the dogs with piles of dirt on their backs. Kyson tried to do everything he wasn't suppose to do. Getting into food, climbing on the dutch ovens, picking on the dogs, etc. He was my little cuddler though. When it was cold and we were sitting by the fire, he would just sit on my lap and watch the flames. He had a rough time when it was time for bed. He is use to his warm bottle of milk before bed, but he only got a cold bottle, and he didn't like that! He was also up at the crack of dawn, but he did lay in bed with us for a little bit.

Casey grew up backpacking in the Uintas and camping out. He has good memories of those trips. Some day when our kids get older, I hope to create those memories for them, but for now, we'll settle for a night at a campsite at Timpanooke.

Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden

We cooled off at the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point a couple weeks ago. Gavin and Kyson had so much fun playing in the water. It took Kyson a while to get in, but once he got in, I couldn't get him out!