Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day of School!

The end has finally come! This has been a long, stressful, tiring, fun, accomplished, rewarding year! I did an internship teaching first grade, and today was the last day of school. I am loking foreward to the summer break. I bam excited for next year though, because I got a shared teaching position teaching 1st again next year. Same school, same classroom...I got really lucky. I'll be teaching with a really good partner, so I am excited for that!
My cute class: Doing an art activity:

Playing a game, trying to untangle themselves

Memorial Day

We had a really enjoyable Memorial Day. We started off the morning early by going to Floyd and Barbara's and having Floyd's famous Mountain Man breakfast that he makes in the dutch oven. Later we went to Thanksgiving Point and walked the gardens with my family. If you can't tell, I love that place. It is so peaceful and beautiful, and there are a lot of great photo opportunities! You don't see Casey in any of the pictures because the only way I could get him to come is if I don't take any pictures of him. What a pill!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The best thing...

I found the best thing ever! I was cleaning out a closet and I found a baby carrying thing that was given to me, and I just put it away thinking I'd use it later. I pulled it out, put Gavin in it and I got so much done!! Gavin loves to be held, and so I was having a hard time getting things done around the house. He loved sitting in it and here is a picture of him sleeping in it. I thought I looked pretty funny carrying him around in it, so I needed a picture of it!


Yesterday I went up to West Jordan to visit with my sister Alicia. My other sister, Autumn, works up there too so we all went to visited her as well and brought her lunch. Gavin had fun being with Damon, Braxton and Kylie. It was nice to get out and go somewhere!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Belle, Bear and their puppies

As you all might remember, our dogs, Belle and Bear had puppies back in January. Casey's parents got two of them, and Casey's sister Tiffny got the other one. It is a lot of fun seeing them get bigger. They are all so funny. They all get so excited to see each other. Bear gets annoyed with the puppies, but Belle will usually join in and play with them. This is a video of Rose, Sage and Boo playing together.
Sage (Floyd and Barbara's puppy)
Rose (Floyd and Barbara's puppy)
Boo (Simmons Family's puppy)

Wii fun!

We just got Casey's Christmas present from last year. He wanted a Wii, but there have been no Wii's available. We finally found one, and have been having so much fun with it!

Congratulations Doug!

To celebrate my brother-in-law, Doug's graduation we had a big bbq. The highlight of the bbq was riding the little go-carts. I'm proud to say I beat Jared! Here is a fun video clip of Doug and Braxton racing Jared.

I'm getting so big!

Gavin just recently had his one month check up. I can't believe he is already one month old! He was 8 lbs 6 oz, so he has put on 2 pounds. He is now 20 inches long, so he's a little shorty. He is starting to recognize me, which is a lot of fun! We are hoping that he is going to start sleeping in the night soon. There have been a couple nights where he has slept about 6 hours, which is great! Hopefully there will be more of those nights!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Family Pictures

I realized that we didn't have any pictures with the three of us, so while we were at my parent's house yesterday, we took our first family pictures.

Happy Mothers Day

Great Grandma Jackson

Ihad a really nice Mothers Day. On Saturday Casey and Gavin took me shopping for clothes at Old Navy. That was fun because I found a few nice shirts that are LONG! On Mothers Day we headed off to my parents first thing because Logan was calling. It was really good to hear from him. He is doing so well! We then had beef and chicken enchaladas that Casey made. They were delicious! Later that evening we went to Casey's Aunt's house and had dessert and visited with family. We ended the night good watching the Jazz game on the big screen at Casey's parents house. It was an awesome game!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gavin and Brielle

Today Jess was out taking pictures of her baby Brielle and wanted to get pictures with Gavin and Brielle together. This will go great in their wedding video:)

Gavin and Carter

On Thursday I went to a baby shower for my friend McKenna. She recently adopted a beautiful baby boy, Carter. He was born the same day as Gavin, just acouple hours earlier!

Going for a walk

The other day I decided to get out and go for a walk. The dogs were so excited to go. About halfway into our walk I felt like I was pulling something. I turned around and I saw that I was pulling Belle. She was on her back being pulled by her leash. I guess it was too long of a walk, so I gaive her a little rest before we continued on.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baby announcement pictures

I took pictures today of Gavin to send out in his baby announcements. I am trying to figure out the best one to send out, so let me know which one you like!

I knew it was time to stop taking pictures when he started getting mad at me!
Bear and Belle thought it was their turn to take pictures too.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Visiting Grandma

On Sunday we headed out to Tooele to visit my Grandma. Gavin is her fifth great-grandbaby. This was her first time seeing him.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Me and a few of my friends each had babies with in a couple weeks of each other, so Gavin is has quite a few new friends.
Joe and Debbie Davis's baby, Abigail, born March 27th. Jessica and Jared Larson's baby, Brielle, born May 1st
McKenna and Steve Gordan's baby, Carter, born the same day as Gavin, April 17th

Gavin at 2 weeks