Sunday, June 08, 2014

6 months!!

 I can't believe this little boy is 6 months! He finally passed up 10 lbs. and is now 10 lbs. 2 oz. wohoo!  His heart is doing good, but he is still on oxygen for his pulmonary hypertension. We did a test at night to test his oxygen and he did great so even though he has a couple holes they aren't making him work too hard,

His eyes are doing great and his vision therapist has been a big help.  He is tracking things and loves looking and interacting with people.  He does have Nystagmus (shaky eyes) and we're not sure if he has crossed eyes or not.  Usually those are all related.

He started rolling over at about 5 months and we are working on sitting up. 

Last week we did a special walk with the United Angels Foundation to celebrate our little Liam.  We feel so blessed to have this little angel in our life!