Monday, January 07, 2019

Kyson is 9!

Happy Birthday Kyson!! I can't believe he's 9! Kyson is so much fun. His siblings love him so much. He's always happy to play with Liam and wakes him up EVERY morning so he can see him before he goes to school ( even though i tell him not to so he can sleep). He's good to his sister and she always loves to play games with him and he's sweet to let her. He is my low key, easy, go with the flow kind of child. Some things he likes are: board and card games, video games, reading, soccer, basketball. We sure love this kid!!

Kyson's birthday party

 Kyson had a fun birthday party having a movie night with his friends.  Despite having a lot of popcorn to clean up at the end, it ended up being a fun party to do!

 He got a new bike for his birthday and he was pretty excited about it!

Kyson and basketball

Big boy bed!

So excited about his cars bed!

Bear Lake

 We last minute decided to take a little get away up to Bear Lake with the Smith's. It was such a nice relaxing weekend with swimming, games and Super bowl! Even though it was starting to snow it didn't stop us from enjoying a Rasberry shake! So good!

Casey's Arcade

 Casey made an arcade prototype and have had fun playing old arcade games.  He'll make a bigger one eventually, but this has been fun to cart around and play on.

Birthday Girl!

Happy 6th Birthday to my little princess! Belle is her favorite princess right now so naturally, she had to dress up as Belle today and have a Belle princess cake.
We are so grateful for our sweet and spicey little girl. She sure is so much fun. She loves to please which is a great quality I love in her. She loves friends, cousins, dolls, princesses, and everything girlie. She loves to dance and has quite the dance moves

Chimes Choir

Gavin and Kyson joined chimes choir this year and have had a lot of fun.  They played the national anthem at a couple of Lone Peak basketball games and are excited to play at a Jazz game!