Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Little Preschool Graduate

My cute little Gavin graduated from preschool.  He had a cute little program and sang lots of songs.  He loved going to school (for the most part!) and loved his teacher.  I'm glad he had a great experience and I can't wait for him to learn more!


His teacher "Knicker" Frampton

Bounce House

 Just for fun, Floyd thought he'd buy a bounce house.  Gavin and Kyson were the first ones to come try it out and it was a hit!  Now Gavin wants to get a bounce house....probably not Gav.  Sorry!

Fun Day

 We had such a fun day yesterday.  I had work off because they were having a field trip, and it was my team teacher's turn to work all day (we trade off on field trip days).  I did meet up with my class at the park and showed off my little Addie (they have been bugging me to see her) and enjoyed the morning with them.  Later, after naps, we went to Trafalga and did some mini golf.  Casey was so patient trying to teach Gavin and Kyson how to hold the clubs.  The boys did pretty good, and I beat Casey by one point!  Not bad!

4 Month Little Girl

 This cute little girl is almost 4 months!  Time has really gone by fast.  I just thought these were such cute pictures of her, so I had to post.  Enjoy!

Boys + Bugs = Happiness

I LOVE having boys.  They are so much fun.  I love how into bugs they are right now.  When I am out in the yard working, Kyson is by my side the whole time looking for "Yayky Bugs" (Lady bugs...but really Potato Bugs).  He will get a whole cup full of potato bugs, worms, centipedes, you name it.  Gavin has been into getting snails.  We went to Doug and Autumns and his whole plan was to find snails, and was disappointed to only find the shells.  He hit the jackpot at Grandma and Grandpa's and found a TON of snails.  You can't se them in this picture, but they are in the dirt.  He also loves to catch butterflies.  He caught a moth and put it in the cage.  It is at the top right corner.  This little cage is always housing little bugs and creepy crawly things.  Who knew boys could be so fun!

Fireman's Breakfast

 Every year we wake up early to get to the PG Fireman's Breakfast by 6:00.  Both Casey and my families did this all growing up, and oddly it is one of our favorite traditions, so we keep it going with our little munchkins!

Since it was such an early morning, and with no nap, here is Kyson falling asleep WHILE he is eating.  He was asleep, but still chewing and putting more food in his mouth.  It was so funny!

 And then went to lay on the floor and take a little snooze.  He went right to bed at bedtime though! Tired boy!

Gavin with Adalyn

 Gavin just LOVES Adalyn.  Kyson does too, but Gavin REALLY loves her.  He is always wanting to hold her and squeeze her (literally...he comes up to her and hugs her hard and says "squeeze!").  Lately he has been taking her and trying to teach her to walk.  Thanks to Gav, we may have an early walker...haha...

 Doesn't she look so big!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

School Pictures

 Gavin had school pictures done recently at school.  Doesn't he look so cute?
Gavin has really learned a lot this year!  We LOVE his teacher, "Nicker Frampton" (Mrs. Frampton).  I don't know why he calls her Nicker Frampton, but that is her name!  I am so proud of him and all his hard work.  Learning ABCs and 123s aren't easy for him, but he tries really hard and he now knows his whole alphabet, counting is coming and he has learned about 7 sight words and is reading simple books with those few sight words.  He has really good handwriting and likes to write.  He is a really good student and sits still and listens.  He is friendly and enjoys going to see his classmates.