Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tulip Festival

We enoyed the beautiful weather and went to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulips. They were so pretty!

Camille with her nephews.


Gavin just had his 2 year check-up. He is a little shorty at 29 inches (less then 5 percent) and is 24 lbs (8 percentile). Here are some things about Gavin:

-loves to play with his cars
-gets excited when he sees trucks (gucks)
-we live kind of close to a train, so we can faintly hear it when it comes by. Whenever he hears it, he always goes "choo choo"
-is finally enjoying books
-loves to play outside. He can spend hours in the backyard.
-LOVES his cousin Braxton. He asks me many times a day where Braxt is.
-loves to hold his little brother
-understands a lot of words, and says a lot of words, even though it isn't very clear
-takes a 3 hour nap every day, and sleeps 12 hours a night (if only Kyson can do the same!)
This age is so much fun. I do know why they call it the "terrible two's" though! We sure love this funny boy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gavin's New Scooter

Gavin got this scooter from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Deana for his birthday. I thought it would take him a little while to learn how to use it, but he caught on fast. He just needs to learn how to steer now. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Kyson is chillin' as he watches his brother do the big boy stuff.
Kyson was only calm when he was holding my finger.

More Kyson smiles

It melts my heart every time this little boy smiles.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 Parties for a 2 Year Old Boy!

Gavin turned 2 on Friday! He had fun celebrating it with two parties. On Friday we had Casey's parent's over for dinner, and Saterday we had my family over for dinner. It was a lot of fun with....

Lots of presents including: basketball hoop and tools from mom and dad, remote control car from Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Floyd, Radio Flyer Scooter from Grandma Deana and Grandpa Bill and lots of cars and trucks from his cousins Braxton, Damon and Kylie.

And, of course the cake! He knew just what to do!

He had to clap after he blew out the candles.
Happy Birthday Gav! We love you!
Here are a couple short videos of his big day. The second video he tells us how old he is. It is pretty cute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

I love Easter. We had a great Easter weekend, doing all the fun Easter stuff. It is great being with family, seeing my son's face light up when he opens an egg filled with candy, and remembering the true meaning as we think of Christ and his great sacrifice and wonderful resurrection.

We colored eggs with Autumn, Doug and Braxton. Gavin was a little too hands on, and wanted to do it himself, but the eggs turned out great, and we had no spills!
On Saturday morning we got wet in the rain as we went to the Easter egg hunt at a park near our house. It was crazy! They let parent's help, which is a joke, because all you saw was a sea of parent's out there trying to get as much candy as they can. Poor little Gavin and Braxton ended up with a few pieces of candy, so we went back to my house and did a little Easter egg hunt there. They got much more candy and had fun. That was all Braxton could talk about was the Easter egg hunt at Brynnie's house.

Later we went to Casey's Aunt's house for the annual Easter party. Gavin is a pro at finding candy and eggs. He knew just what to do! He got quite the bag full!

On Easter morning we had a little visitor visit our house. We were so sick of Gavin eating candy and making a mess, we were glad the Easter Bunny only filled his eggs with cars. He loves playing with his cars.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

See Casey! He DOES smile!

Casey didn't believe me that Kyson here is the proof!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kyson is a month old!

It amazes me how fast the time has flown! Our little Kyson has had quite the month. The poor little guy caught that lovely cold that visited our whole family as soon as he got home from the hospital. As soon as he got over the cold, he got thrush. We didn't know he had thrush, and I just thought he was a little colic because he was so fussy. He is now on some medication, and it is great to have our happy baby back.

-Weighs 8 lbs 11 oz
-21 inches long
-LOVES to cuddle...which makes it hard to get him to sleep in his bassinett
-loves his swing
-loves the Baby Bjorn
-sleeps 3-4 hours a night (hopefully this will get longer!!)
-nurses and drinks from a bottle good
-loves his baths
-loves his binkie
-and the EXCITING NEWS...but I haven't captured it on camera yet...he smiles!!