Monday, March 22, 2010

Cute little Kyson

Here is a little video of my cute little Kyson. He has a couple tricks that he likes to do: clap his hands (especially if you sing "If Your Happy and You Know It") and play peek-a-boo. He is so much fun! We love this little boy!

At 1 year, Kyson:

-weighs 16 lbs 9 oz
-28. 4 inches long
-has 6 teeth
-stands on his own
-takes about 3 steps (he is too content on crawling, so he won't walk any farther then that)
-LOVES balls
-says "ba" for ball, "mom", "da", "b" for bye "wo" for hello (and he has to have a phone when he says that) "nana" for banana
-is a great eater
-loves to listen and look at books

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss Bailey is here!

My sister, Autumn, had her baby on Thursday. Bailey Jo is as beautiful as can be! She looks a lot like Braxton did when he was a baby. Both mom and baby are doing very well!

Braxton the big brother!

Kyson's little friend

Meet Aria. She is Kyson's little friend. She came over to play and Kyson was more concerned about playing with the big boys, but I know they'll be best friends when they get a little older.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Vacation to the Swiss Alps...

Well, not really, but it felt like it. We went to Midway for one night, and with the snow, and the beautiful buildings, it really made me feel like we were in Switzerland. We made it up there before the big storm hit, and we were able to enjoy watching the snow from inside, relaxing with family. We took the boys swimming, and I don't have water babies at all! They both didn't want to get into the big pool because it was "too cold" (which it really wasn't). So Gavin spent most of the time with his feet in the hot tub and Kyson spent the whole time wrapped up in a towel being held. Gavin did get into the pool later and did have a blast swimming around in Kyson's floatie...whatever works!

The next morning we took a walk and went to visit some ice castles. It was so beautiful up there!

Autumn's baby shower

After a long wait, Autumn's baby is almost here! We are so excited to welcome little Bailey into the world! She will be here Thursday!! We had a little shower at the Pizza Factory, and little Bailey got a lot of cute little outfits and more!


Kyson's FAVORITE food are bananas. I can give it to him whole, and he gobbles it down!

More parties for Kyson

We had another party for little Kyson to celebrate his big day. Casey's family came over and we had banana creme cake, because Kyson's favorite thing are bananas. He is a pro when it comes to eating cake. It was gone in seconds...although I think he was sharing some of it with the dogs.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kyson turns 1!

My little Kyson turned 1! I can't believe we have had this little boy for a whole year! He had a fun day and was spoiled. We had cake and ice cream in the evening, and he loved his pig cupcake. I attempted to make a creative cake, and I was happy with how it turned out!

Yummy cupcake!

Singing Happy Birthday...this is Gavin's favorite part! He was very helpful in helping Kyson blow out the candle.
Happy Birthday Camille!!
Grandma Barbara came by and gave Kyson this cute helicopter. Gavin needs to learn that it is Kyson's, not Gavin's.

Cute barnyard cake and animals...

What we have been busy doing....

It has been a while since I have posted anything! We have had a busy month! We just put our house up for sale, and so we have been spending the month getting the clutter cleaned and things packed that we don't need. It was a hard decision for us, but it feels like the right decision. With the interest rates as low as they are, and the equity we can make off of our home, and our lack of storage, we thought this is the time to start looking for something bigger. We LOVE our neighborhood and ward and will be sad to leave them. Right now we are just waiting for the house to sell, so wish us luck!