Saturday, March 10, 2018

California 2017

In October we took a fun trip to California.  We planned this trip 18 months ago with the Smith's and Larson's, so we were so excited for this day to come!

The kids traveled SO GOOD! We got them tablets for Christmas, and so Adalyn and Kyson sat in the back and were quiet the whole time watching shows.  Gavin was my big helper with Liam and Liam did such an awesome job on the long drive.
 We drove down Friday and stayed the night at the Casa Blanca. Really not a place for kids, other than there really neat pool...even though it was really cold!
 We then finished driving the rest of the way on Saturday and enjoyed the evening to ourselves.  On Sunday we went to the San Diego Zoo and it was very hot!  So amazing how big the zoo was.  I really wanted to see the Pandas, but didn't see much of them.  They were sleeping.

 We enjoyed the pool at the hotel and just being together as a family.

 On Monday, the Larson's showed up and we went to Oceanside and enjoyed the beach and the pier.

 On Tuesday we checked in at the Legoland Hotel and the kids were in heaven. Legos everywhere! We adults got to sit and visit while the kids just played! They also had an amazing breakfast buffet that was so good!!
 The pool was so much fun!

Casey was there for his birthday so we celebrated by eating some Mexican food. Autumn and Doug showed up to join the fun too.

We went to San Diego and visited Old Towne and went through the Mormon Battalion. Such a neat story about the Saints who settled this area.

 We went to LaJolla and saw the sea lions hanging out on the beach
 And visited the tidepools
 And got REALLY dirty

 Then it was LEGOLAND!

 On our last day we went back to Oceanside and played in the water.