Monday, May 08, 2017


Liam and I had a really neat opportunity today. We were able to do a photoshoot for an amazing boutique called Lulu Bella. I was able to meet with the owner Cindy and was so amazed at her story and her desire to spread the message to women that "You are enough!" And does photoshoots with everyday women to model their clothing. She has a love for children with special needs and so I was lucky to try some of the clothes and Liam and I got our pictures taken. Let's just say I'm not going to pursue a profession in modeling. I felt so funny but had fun!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Adalyn's 5th Birthday!

 I don't think anyone has been as excited about their birthday as Adalyn was about hers!  She had a couple fun days of celebrating!

I got to go visit her at school and share some of her favorite things.  Here is Molly singing to her.  Always a favorite! 
I decorated her cake to be a princess cake.  I was happy how it turned out!

 Her face when she saw she got a bed for her Addy doll!
 Jammies for her Addy doll

 On Saturday she had a princess birthday party with cousins and a couple of friends.  They all looked so beautiful in their princess dresses I had to take some pictures!

 Birthday Girl! Cinderella is her favorite princess right now


Thursday, January 19, 2017


 Thank you Mother Nature for sending all this beautiful snow on a day I wasn't feeling good.  It kept my kids entertained for a long time so I could relax inside.  They had fun making a snowman, snow fort and throwing snowballs.  Gavin stayed out until it was dark and still didn't want to come in!

 And by the look of his nose, you can tell why I didn't send Liam out!  He really wanted to join them, but I'm sure once he felt how cold it is out there, he would have wanted to come right back in!
 I love how my kids are old enough to go out and build their own snowman, and I can just sit inside and watch :)

Family Night Fun!

 For Family Night one night we decided to break out Twister.  The kids had a lot of fun getting all twisted up!

 Crazy hair!
 And then some wrestling!

Liam Selfies

 Liam LOVES the camera.  He loves it when we take selfies and then he loves looking at them after.  The best way to keep him entertained is to give him my phone where he looks at all the pictures and videos (mostly of himself).  Not vain at all!
 Just a little Liam update: He is doing really well!  He has been pretty healthy (knock on wood) this winter and has enjoyed going to preschool at Alpine Elementary.  He has a great teacher and aids.  He has been talking a lot!  His speech therapist wanted a list of the words he can say, and we were able to come up with about 50 words! Only Casey or I would be able to understand most, but he does have a few that are pretty clear to hear.  Love our Little Liam!