Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We LOVE Thanksgiving Point

One of our favorite places to visit is Thanksgiving Point. They have so many neat things to see and fun things to do. We visited the Gardens over the weekend because Tulip Festival is going on. It was so beautiful seeing the many tulips in bloom. Yesterday we visited the Farm Country and Gavin and Kyson had so much fun seeing all the animals. I was very surprised that they both enjoyed riding the horses. Gavin did not like riding horses when he was Kyson's age, but he had a blast! Kyson was so tired, and I thought he'd have a fit when I put him on the horse, but he also thought it was so much fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gavin's is 2...almost 3! (But really, he is 3)

Gavin still thinks he is "2 almost 3!", but we still celebrated his 3rd birthday. He had a great day! He was so excited to get his "Big dump truck!" and had fun playing, seeing the ducks at a duck pond, and spend time with his family as we celebrated his birthday. We love our little Gavin, and life would sure be boring without him!
He loves playing with his 2 big trucks
Kyson loves riding in it
Emma doesn't really...but she is a good sport

Coloring with his markers. He is going to be our little artist.
LOVED the duck pond!

My sad attempt at a Thomas the Train cake
He was so funny when we started singing happy birthday. He was singing right along with us, and then when we said "Gavin", he covered his face and got so embarrassed!

We love you Gavin!!

Kyson is walking!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

We had a fun Spring Break! Half of the week was spent in the house, due to the cold weather, and then the other half was mostly spent outside, when we finally got some warmer weather. We went to the zoo, worked in the yard, played with bubbles, went to the park and relaxed.

Here we are at the zoo. This was Gavin's first time riding the train. He was so excited the whole ride!

This Bighorn Sheep was up on a hill, a little bit away from us, and then he all of a sudden ran full speed straight to Kyson. Gavin got really excited, but Kyson just sat there.

And here is cute little Bailey smiling at her mom...so cute