Monday, September 22, 2014

My heart hero

Liam just got his Heart Hero cape!  Liam was born with a couple heart defects (VSD and ASD) and pulmonary hypertension.   His VSD has closed on it's own and were hoping the ASD closes as well.  We will watch it and if it doesn't close on it's own, he will have surgery at around 3.  We are so grateful for our little Hero showing us you can accomplish anything no matter what!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Therapy

Sorry, I feel like I post about therapy so much, but I love sharing all the new things Liam is doing!  This week we had his PT come and she showed us this activity to help Liam keep his arms foreword (he always brings his arms back at tummy time) and this also helps his get comfortable with being on his knees to prepare him for crawling.  I just thought he looked so cute I had to post pictures!

 Loves wrapping paper!

Working on sitting up

And I threw this in because she is so cute!  My book lover.

Legos Legos Legos!

The boys have really been into Legos lately.  They have been doing so good with their jobs and homework, we rewarded them by letting them go pick out some Legos.  Gavin spent about 4 hours working on his this afternoon.  I love how creative they get with them!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

9 month baby boy!

Liam just turned 9 months!  I keep telling him to stop growing up, but he keeps doing it anyway!  I do love that he is growing up and learning new things.  He has just started sitting up and is meeting all his goals we have set for him.  I love seeing his siblings with him. They are always in his face and wanting to touch and hold him.  We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, and as soon as I got Liam out of his stroller, the kids could care less about all the animals, and just wanted to see Liam!  We are so happy he's a part of our family!

 Liam just started to sit up on his own!  He only stays about 5 seconds, but it's progress!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Soccer Season Begins!

We are so excited for soccer season to begin!  Gavin has been having soccer practice for the last few weeks and keeps asking "When do I get to play a game??" So today was finally the day!  They both did such a great job.  Kyson is on the Minion team and has his same coach and a lot of the same players.  He even scored a goal!  Gavin is on the Killer Whale team and it is fun seeing them play on a bigger field, with goalies and see them play different positions.  It's going to be a fun season!