Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sleepover at Grandma's

On Thursday, my sisters and I went to Tooele to have a girls night with my Grandma. She made a good dinner and we sat around and watched chick flicks. It was a good to go and spend time with her. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We had a really great Christmas. I thought it would be a busy day with church at 1:00, but it ended up being really nice. We started off the morning opening our presents. We got ourselves a scanner/printer/copier. It will be nice to have. We also got a HP photo printer, which will be nice, so I don't have to send my pictures to Walmart all the time, I can just do it from home!

We then went over to Casey's parents house and opened presents there. We had Tiff and Rich's family, so it was fun seeing all the kids open their presents. We got a Kitchen Aid, which will be fun to use. I love cooking, and so it will be put to good use!

We then headed off to church, and we had a really nice program. I play the piano for the Choir and it went really well. After church, we headed off to my parents to have dinner and open presents. I wanted to start getting into emergency preparedness, so I got some food to store. We also got a camping stove and a nice tent, so we can do some camping this next summer!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Opening presents Posted by Picasa

Bear's Christmas present...canned dog food...yum! Posted by Picasa

Bear got a sweater for Christmas. My mom knitted it up for him. Posted by Picasa

Braxton's first Christmas Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our St. George get away

This past week we went down to St. George with my family. My parents own a time share with Worldmark, and they have some nice condos down there. It was a short trip, but it was fun. We got down there late Wednesday evening and just got settled in and played a little Mario Party 7. The next morning, we headed to see my dad's Aunt and Uncle who live down there. They have this amazing home in Ivans. After that, while the boys went out to do their Christmas shopping, we went swimming. It was so nice and warm down there and the pool felt great! After we went swimming we went to do our shopping. You can't go to St. George with out going to the Outlet stores! The next morning we packed up and left. It was nice and relaxing, now we are ready for Christmas.

View from our balcony Posted by Picasa

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Charlie's home Posted by Picasa

Damon waving from the pool Posted by Picasa

Autumn and Braxton Posted by Picasa

Brynn and Braxton Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Parties

We had a weekend full of Christmas parties. It was so fun. We started off the weekend on Friday going to Casey's work party. We went out to eat at China Buffet and Floyd had a fun Alpine Echo game. We then went to Kristine and Andrew Davis's and had our Friends Christmas party. We did a gift exchange and we left with a good candle. It was good to see everyone. Almost everyone was there.

On Saterday we had Casey's family Christmas party. We had it at his Aunt's house and they had a good presenation about Joseph Smith. I teach violin to his cousin, so we played a Christmas duet.

On Sunday we had a Christmas party with my family, because Aaron, the child living with my parents, is going back to his mom in California, so we celebrated Christmas with him. It was a busy weekend, but very enjoyable. We are going to relax this week in St. George! I am so excited! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dinner and Games

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we went to dinner with Casey's cousin Al and his wife Andrea and with James and Charity and Autumn and Doug. It was so nice to get together with everyone again, because it has been a long time. Ever since Andrea had her baby and Charity had hers, it has been hard to get together! Afterwards we went to Al and Andrea's and played Pounce (okay Annie, I know it is called Nerts). Casey and I ruled the first game, but lost huge in the second. We had a lot of fun though!

Kaylyn, Sage (Al and Andrea's girls) and Andee Posted by Picasa

Kaylyn Losee Posted by Picasa

Kitty playing with Bear Posted by Picasa

I had to put this in. The cats are now climbing
our Christmas Tree! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

I am so ready for Christmas break! I have been so busy! I just finished my student teaching on Friday and it went really well. I learned a lot! I have been having a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas. I went out the day after Thanksgiving and did a lot of my Christmas shopping. It was fun getting into the spirit. I got my tree and my house all decorated, which is a lot of fun.

The kittens are getting big. I am finally finding homes for them. I figured it was about time because they started climbing out their pen and roaming the house. My basket full of blankets is where they love to sleep.

Our Christmas tree Posted by Picasa

Santa baby Posted by Picasa

Bear's first snow Posted by Picasa

Bear and the kitty Posted by Picasa

Kitties favorite sleeping spot Posted by Picasa

Temple Square Posted by Picasa

Temple Square Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005


A couple of months ago, this cat had started coming by our house, and I felt so bad for her I started feeding her. I thought I was feeding her so well, because she started getting a belly. Come to find out, it was because she was pregnant. About a month ago, she had the kittens, but I didn't know where she had them. When it started getting colder, I had put her cat food and a cat bed in the garage, hoping she would bring them over. On Friday she brought them over. There are 3 of them, and they are so cute and tiny! We have been having fun with them. If anyone is interested in a kitten, let me know! Posted by Picasa

Nicholas James Losee

On Thursday, Nicholas finally came home from the hospital. Nicholas was born on November 1st, and was 3 weeks early. His lungs weren't fully developed, so they had to rush him up to St. Marks Hospital. After 2 and a half weeks, James and Charity were finally able to take their baby home. He is adorable, and everyone says that he looks like James. His big sister Andee just turned one on the 13th, and she is really has no idea what is going on. She just gets really confused. Casey and I took her for the weekend to help James and Charity out, and we were busy! She is a little handful!

Nicholas James Losee Posted by Picasa

Brynn with Nicholas Posted by Picasa