Monday, June 30, 2008

Ultimate Croquet!

We got together with some friends and family this weekend and played ULTIMATE croquet. What makes the game ultimate is that we set up an insane course and play croquet. We had a lot of fun. We did it in Floyd and Barbara's yard, which is perfect for our ultimate course.

Enjoying their picnic dinner: Autumn, Whitney, Logan, Max, Alicia and Kristine
Ready to start playing: Casey, Logan, Kristine, JD, Max and Autumn
To see how ultimate this course was, can you see the wicket by Autumn's feet? We had to pop the ball up in the tree...I was stuck on this one for a long time!
Nice pose Casey and Drew

Saturday, June 28, 2008

He's here!!!

Logan is home!!! On Thursday, we went to the airport to pick him up. He served his mission in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil mission. We have missed him so much! I can't explain the feeling I had seeing him come down the stairs. I just couldn't believe he is here! We have been having fun having him back. He is the same old Logan, just a couple of inches taller. Welcome home Logan! I made all the signs...I'm pretty happy how they turned out!

First time seeing little Gavin. Gavin loves Logan.
Look how tall he is!

Woof woof!

Every time we go to Floyd and Barbara's, Gavin finds their dog kennel and climb on in and shuts the door. We have been babysitting their dogs for the last couple of days, so Gavin was excited to see the dog kennel and has been playing in it, so I had to get a picture.... He then found our dog kennel, which is much smaller, and he even climbed in that one! He is pretty squished in there! I don't know if you can see it very well, but there is Emma stuck in the back, looking pretty worried! What a funny boy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Children's Garden

We went to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point on Monday. Gavin had so much fun! There is a little Noah's Ark and the kids can wade in the water. I didn't think Gavin would get in, but he had so much fun and ended up getting soaking wet!
Gavin was so funny walking in the mazes. He wanted to walk it himself (and they were big mazes!) If he walked into a dead end, he knew what to do, he would turn around and go down another path. He was pretty serious about it too.

The kids had a lot of fun in the lighthouse. Here is Damon and Braxton at the top...
Gavin at the front door...
It was so colorful we had to get the kids picture taken. They really were having fun, they are a little mad that we are stopping their play so we could get a picture taken.
Don't you love that face? This was Gavin's favorite part of the whole garden. Every minute water would squirt out of the ground. He would get so excited and try to touch the water. Once he was standing near it and wasn't ready for the water to come out, so when it did, it scared him so bad!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strawberry Days!

Strawberry Days is probably one of my favorite parts of the summer. I love all the fun activities that go on, the Rodeo, the parade, etc....


We went to the rodeo on Thursday. Braxton was doing the mutton busting. I tried to get a picture of him actually on the sheep, but he fell off right away, so here is a picture of him laying on the ground. When you ask him if it was fun, he'll say "yes", but if you ask him if he wants to do it again, he'll get a sad face and say "not this year". Hopefully he'll forget how scary it was and want to do it again next year! Gavin LOVED the Rodeo. He especially loved watching the horses. He couldn't take his eyes off the show!

He does this thing when he wants something. He puts his hands out gestures that he wants it to come here. He did that a lot while he was watching.
Poor Casey worked 12 hours that day, and really wanted to go to bed, but he was a good sport and come along.
This is for Allison Box...Spencer (her husband), is the one in teh dark blue shirt. He and some friends did the wild cow milking contest. I think they got 2nd. Nice job Spencer!
Huck Finn Festival

On Friday, we went up to Battlecreek park where they flooded part of the park and put big fish in the "pond" and let us fish for them. We had a hard time working the fishing poles, so near the end, they let everyone get in and just try to catch the fish with their hands or nets. We didn't really try to catch any fish, the kids just had fun going out and getting wet!

This lady near us was out there on her hands and knees catching fish with her hands. She ended up with 3!
They had horses that the kids were able to ride on. Gavin even got on. He was a little worried at first, but then he thought it was fun.

Today was the parade, and it was HOT. Gavin seemed to have fun. He liked the sirens, the horses and the bands. Other then that, he probably thought it was pretty boring!

Fun at Grandma and Papa's!

Gavin has so much fun visitng both sets of Grandparent's. We have been spending a lot of time with my mom because she is babysitting Damon and Kylie while Alicia and Bob are in DC with my dad. We spent a lot of time outside in the playhouse, on the truck, on the tramp or in the pool. I don't remember our backyard being so much fun when I was a kid. All I remember is having to do yardwork! These grandkids have it so easy!

Here is Gavin washing the dishes...he loves the little playhouse
Here are the kids playing on the truck...
Gavin loves "driving" the truck. Logan and my dad built this truck...isn't it cute!
Can you believe it? Gavin is actually in the water! He liked playing with Damon and Kylie, so when he saw they were in the water, he hopped right on in!

100 Degree Weather!

Today was a HOT day! What do you do when it hits 100 degrees? We got out the pool and played! Even though it was hot, the water was still too cold for Gavin, so he didn't really get in, but he had fun splashing the water!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Picture crazy

I went a little picture crazy. We went to Thanksgiving Point and I took a million pictures of Gavin...

We went with the Hildebrants. He was the Bishop when my mom first joined the church and was very infuential in her life. She lost contact with them when she moved to Utah MANY years ago, but recently became in contact with them.

On Monday's they have some fun FHE activities all around the gardens. Damon, Kylie and Braxton had fun playing with the sidewalk chalk on the platform.