Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Farm Country

We went to Farm Country and the kids had so much fun. The boys lived riding the horses and seeing all the animals. Adalyn would not get on the horses and was a little nervous on the wagon ride. But loved running in the little houses. We are just living summer!

Swimming lessons

We had fun doing swimming lessons this year. Gavin learned how to swim on his own and Kyson learned how to float on his back. They were so sad when swimming lessons ended!

Happy birthday mom!

We enjoyed the evening at Thanksgiving Point celebrating my mom's birthday. It was fun to spend the evening just us girls.


We enjoyed the 24th at the Highland Glen Park. We enjoyed eating and fishing. We also found out that we would be having a baby boy! We are excited to have another little boy in this family!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steamboat Springs vacation

We took a fun vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We went tubing down the river, biking, swimming, hiking ,disc golf, and lots of late night Dominion game playing. We enjoyed spending time with the Doug and Autumn, Logan and Camille and their kids and with my parents. It is very rare that by the end of the trip I want to stay longer but on this trip I did. I was not ready to go home!

4th of July

 We enjoyed our 4th of July.  Because of the wind and rain in the morning, we weren't able to go to Provo to watch the Balloon festival, so instead enjoyed the morning at my parent's house eating breakfast.  After relaxing at home that afternoon, we went to Casey's parents for a bbq and then went to watch the Pleasant Grove fireworks.  Little Adalyn didn't like the fireworks, and just snuggled into Casey and went to sleep.  The boys loved it.  I think it is Gavin's favorite holiday.  He has been asking when it is will be the 4th for a very long time!

Thanksgiving Point pictures

 haha...snuck this one in of Casey!