Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We have done a lot of "syimming" as Kyson says it. We have gone to the splash pad a few times, Thanksgiving Point Children's garden, and the pool in the backyard. What a way to enjoy the summer!

I love to see the Temple

"How far is heaven?
It's not very far.
In temples of God
It's where we are!"

Gavin gave a talk on temples in church a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to visit the temple (since it is only down the street!) and get some pictures. He held up his picture as he said the poem and did a great job!

Baby Ducks!

My next door neighbor has a little ditch that runs through her yard, and one day we saw a mommy duck and her six baby ducks come and visit. We had fun feeding them bread. They have come back another time and hopefully we'll keep seeing them!


Gavin was so excited to have his cousins come up from Arizona for a visit! He loves Andee and Nick and had a lot of fun having sleepovers, swimming and just being with them.

Andee, Tyler, Kyson, Brock, Gavin, Nick

Gavin loved Nick!

Happy 4th!

We had an enjoyable 4th of July. The balloons were a bust though! Because of the weather, they never made it up in the air. The boys didn't care though, they still had fun looking at the balloons.

Grandma's Buggy

My Grandma is moving in with my parents, so my mom and dad have been busy going out to Tooele to clean her house and get it ready to be sold. I went out to help one day and we found this little gem. It use to be my Grandma's when she was a baby. Kyson hopped right on in and wanted to get pushed around.