Sunday, April 26, 2015

James' big day!

 On Friday it was Casey's brother,  James' wedding.  He married Erin, and we couldn't be more happier for the two of them.  Here are some pictures of our day!

I didn't get any pictures of the wedding because it was pouring rain, and I was busy trying to keep a baby boy dry and Adalyn and Kysn to stop fighting!  James wanted the wedding in his parent's yard, and they worked so hard to get it ready.  So even though it was pouring, it was still very beautiful.

We then headed over to a nearby church for the reception, and it was a lot of fun!

 My handsome Gavin
 Poor Liam was so sick.  He threw up earlier in the day and then at the reception threw up all over himself, Casey and I!  Luckily most of it got on my cardigan and his vest, so those were easy to take off.  He slept most of the reception in random people's arms...he's so loved!
  My handsome husband

 Food was so good.  Adalyn loved the chicken
 Mother son dance
 Casey had to do the Best Man speech.  He was not excited about that....but he did great!
 Tiff and Rich
 Oh man, I love this kid.  Tyler is such a cutie


 Nick and Gavin
 The dancing was so much fun!  The kids had a blast!


 Adalyn wanted to dance with someone so bad, so of course when I asked Kyson he jumped at the chance!

 The girls had to do the chicken dance, and the boys had to do the Makarana.  I'm glad I didn't get pictures of us ladies dancing, but had fun taking pictures of the boys!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Big 8 year old!

 Happy Birthday dear Gavin!  Gavin turned 8 today.  8!  He's such a sweet good boy and I'm so glad he's my oldest to be a good example for his siblings.  He's such a hard worker.  He works hard at school, he works hard in the yard, works hard building Legos, works hard at being a good friend.  He has the best laugh and laughs at everything!  We love him!

 He requested (for maybe the 3rd time) a cake with trucks on it

 This smile is the best...I think he liked it!

 He was trying not to smile, but he was so excited for this day!