Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break

 We enjoyed our Fall Break by having a little bit of a "Staycation".  We enjoyed some things that are close to home.  Today we went up AF Canyon and went to Cascade Springs.  I don't think I have ever been there.  The boys had so much seeing the waterfalls.  I enjoyed taking pictures up there.  It was beautiful!

 Beautiful fall leaves!

 On Thursday we went to Thanksgiving Point and enjoyed the warm weather. 

 I loved seeing all the different colors of leaves there.

Lil' Puppy

 We call Adalyn our little puppy because she just follows us around the house crawling.  Today she especially reminded me of a little puppy because she had her cute little pig tails in. 

Monday, October 08, 2012

More Family Pictures

We went to get our family picture taken at a professional studio, but wanted to get separate pictures done as well, so we went to the AF amphatheater and I took these.  Don't you love Adalyn's face in this one?  I can just hear her saying "Aaaaahhhh!"

I feel like I don't talk about Kyson enough.  He is really a fun boy and a busy boy.  When I was taking these family pictures, he was wiggly, silly and moving the whole time!  I can't get this kid to slow down!  Some things about Kyson:

-He is really into video games right now.  I know with him I am going to really have to monitor how much he plays because he could spend all day playing if I let him.  Right now his favorite game is "Little Big Planet".  It amazes me how a little 3 year old can play better than I!

-I love right now how he will come in and snuggle with me in the morning.  He'll wake up and if there is a hint of light outside, he knows it is morning and he'll come lay with me.  If it is dark outside, he always knows it is time to go to sleep, or "take a nap" as he says it.

-He sees Gavin starting to read books, so he'll get out books and "read" them too.  The other night I read "The Grouchy Ladybug" and then Kyson started reading it.  "You wanna fight? too widdle (little)." He kept repeating at each page.

Gavin is my big helper.  He is such a good good boy.  Right now Gavin...

-Can read simple books.  He didn't like to read at first, but now that he is getting more confident, he is enjoying it more.  He has a program on the computer called "Raz-kids" that he loves to go on the read books from.

-He didn't like going to school, but once he was there enjoyed it.  Now he doesn't mind going and I think it is because he is getting more comfortable and making friends.  He is very friendly.  He comes in my classroom for about an hour before he goes to his class, so he has gotten to know my 1st graders.  He already has a little girlfriend.  Ask him about Jamie.  He'll say "She likes me SO much."  One day I took my kids outside to do an activity and we passed by the Kindergarten playground.  ALL my kids had to say "Hi Gavin!"

-He is enjoying soccer.  He loves to get out there and kick the ball.  He still has a lot to learn, but he gets so excited if he can get a kick or two in during the game.
Adalyn is 8 months now!  Adalyn is..

-She is crawling and getting into everything!  I tried to get a video of her crawling, but for some reason I can't post it on here.

-She has one tooth and I think another is coming in.

-Is a terrible sleeper!  She wakes up at least once a night and lately twice a night.  I think it is because of her tooth.  She is napping better, but I feel like life is so busy her naps are always getting interrupted.

-She loves to play with toys and can be entertained doing that for a long time.

-She loves to eat!  She loves veggie's, fruits and rice cereal.  I can't feed her fast enough!  From the time the spoon leaves her mouth and spooning up more food, she is grunting the whole time.

-She has found her voice, and it is loud!  She grunts, no, I should say yells a lot. 

Casey is busy working early mornings (goes in about 3:00 am) and then comes home to watch kids while I work at 11:30.  He works on projects around the house while watching kids, while sleep deprived.  He is amazing.  He does try to go to sleep early, which I know is a sacrifice for him because he is a night owl.  Someday we'll be done having kids and they'll be in school and he can go back to working like regular.

I am busy teaching school, teaching piano and violin and chasing kids around the house.  I love my life though.  It is crazy but I wouldn't change anything.  I love my kids and the joy they bring into our life.