Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas and loved that it was a white one! On Christmas Eve we did our traditional Christmas movie marathon and then after a nice dinner, headed over to my parents for games, nativity and presents.  Christmas morning, the kids let us sleep in to almost 8 and then to the tree we went.  After a visit from my parents we headed to Floyd and Barbara's and enjoyed spending time there.

Christmas jammies


 The boys got a new game "Skylanders" and spent most of the day playing it. Kyson with his new green controller
 Gavin with his new blue one
 My boys with their remote controlled cars and helicopter

Tis the Season

 We have had a wonderful Christmas season.  Today as I was putting away the Christmas decorations, Gavin said, "I'm going to miss Christmas."  I am too Gavin.  We did a lot of things this year, from decorating cookies, making decorations, making snowflakes, playing in the snow, visiting Santa, visiting friends, Christmas parties....we had fun!


 Showing Santa a catalog of toys and pointing to the ones he wanted

Adalyn at 11 months

Our little Adalyn is almost 11 months!  She is so much fun right now. 
-She is easily entertained and plays with toys really well.
- She is just starting to take her first steps but prefers to crawl or walk with her little walker.
- She has FINALLY started sleeping through the night...yay!
- She weighs 15.2 lbs
- She LOVES her daddy.  She says "Dadda" when she sees him.  If you ask her where daddy is, she'll look around until she sees him and then says "Dadda"

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 We had a fun week of Halloween activities!  We carved pumpkins with some friends and tried to get a little more creative this year with our pumpkins...
 We had a ward party and Gavin ended up with some fish.  Their names are Gavin, Casey and Maizie....Gavin died a day later...not my child, the fish.

It was cute Adalyn's 1st Halloween, and she enjoyed it as much as a 9 month old can.

On the day of, we went to school to watch Gavin be in the Halloween Parade, and then when I went to work, it was a day full of parties and food!

Then it was on to trick-or-treating!  FINALLY I was able to talk Gavin out of being the frog again.  He wanted to be it for the 4th year in a row, but luckily he has a character on a game he likes to play that is a ninja, so he was happy to be a ninja this year.  Kyson was our tiny ninja who followed Gavin around.  And Addie was a cute little zebra.

We visited Grandparents and aunts and uncles.  We lost the pumpkin growing contest.  Our pumpkin was the smallest and Floyd and Barbara and Darin's tied for being the biggest.   Here are Gavin and Kyson on Floyd and Barbara's...
And here is Darin's.  His is a little odd shaped...

The kids came home and I don't think ate a single piece of candy.  Gavin just wanted to take out the toys and Kyson just wanted to look at each piece.  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break

 We enjoyed our Fall Break by having a little bit of a "Staycation".  We enjoyed some things that are close to home.  Today we went up AF Canyon and went to Cascade Springs.  I don't think I have ever been there.  The boys had so much seeing the waterfalls.  I enjoyed taking pictures up there.  It was beautiful!

 Beautiful fall leaves!

 On Thursday we went to Thanksgiving Point and enjoyed the warm weather. 

 I loved seeing all the different colors of leaves there.