Sunday, June 12, 2016

Adalyn's dance recital

 Cute Adalyn had her dance recital this last weekend.  I think her favorite part was dressing up in her pretty flower dress and getting make-up on. The dancing, not so much!  She did good for her first dance and then in her second dance she came out in tears and sat on the ground and just turned around and was sad and didn't dance at all.  I later found out she was upset because she wasn't on the yellow sticker!  What a stinker! She got a trophy at the end and has been carrying it around all the time.  She's pretty excited about it! 


 Gavin started track a couple of months ago and has really enjoyed it.  He is a distant runner and has endurance!  He needs to work on his speed, but he works really hard and did a great job!