Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Pictures

We had our talented friend Kristine take our family pictures in my parent's backyard. I love love love how they turned out! Thanks Kristine!

If you notice, Gavin has a VERY grumpy face. It was pretty hot, and the kids were not too happy about having to sit, while the trampoline was just right there!
My brother and sisters, Alicia, Logan and Autumn. I am so lucky to have them in my life. I learn so much from each of them.
Smith Family
Jackman Family
Camille and Logan
I love this picture! Good thing we did pictures of the kids a month ago. They were done! Gavin is looking over my shoulder now as I am posting these, and he said, "Mom, I don't want to lay in the grass." I love how he remembers hating taking this picture!


We have peaches!! I LOVE peaches, and so do my boys. Since they saw us picking the peaches, they feel that whenever they go outside, they get to pick peaches too. So I often find them with peaches in their hands, and peach juice running down their chins. Yesterday I sent them out to play in the backyard, and I went upstairs to do something. I came back down a few minutes later, and there was Kyson, hiding in the corner, eating his peaches.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trucks and Trains

Gavin's life revolves around trucks and you all know. We have been having construction at the end of our street. They took out a lot of homes, and are widening the street. This has been the most exciting thing for Gavin. Every day we take a bike ride to the end of the street to see what the trucks are up to.

I was so impressed with Gavin! He made this train track all by himself (minus the waterfall part). It's pretty creative!

Gavin got out ALL his trucks and cars and lined them up on the stairs. He insisted that they stay there until I came home from work. When I walked in the door, I heard him calling for me, "Mom! Come look!" He was so proud of what he had done., Kyson didn't wet his pants, he had just spilled water down himself!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What a boy needs

We were lucky to find a house with a sandbox. Not just a regular sandbox, but a BIG sandbox! I send the boys out there, and they can entertain themselves for a long time. They haul sand with their trucks, make holes, make hills, or Gavin's new thing is to make bridges. It is fun seeing their creativity and imagination work!

Cute boys

A new love

Kyson has recently gotten attached to this blanket. Whenever he gets tired, I find him walking around with it, or just laying in the middle of the floor with it. One morning I was cleaning the house, and he was laying on the floor with it, and I had to vacuum the floor, so I picked him up and laid him on my bed, and he stayed there for a good 15 minutes! But when those 15 minutes were up, he was running around like crazy again!
still sucks on those 3 fingers!

Where's Kyson?

When the house gets really quiet, it usually means Kyson is in the laundry room playing in the dog water, feeding the dogs their food, or doing may look innocent, but this is usually what is happening inside...
He loves his Emma...maybe too much