Monday, March 12, 2012


We had Adalyn's blessing this Sunday. Casey gave her a wonderful blessing and we are so blessed to have this beautiful girl in our life! We are also so blessed with 2 darling boys who make us so happy!

Adalyn with her daddy
Here is my sweet baby with her beautiful dress and blanket Grandma Deana knit for her.

Back to Life

I feel like I have been holed up in the house for 6 weeks! It has been nice, but now it is time to get back into the real world. I started teaching lessons, going back to work and going to church all in the same week. I survived, and it felt great to be back! I would have felt like I wasted my break if I didn't get two things done: finishing Kyson's quilt and getting Adalyn's room put together. So, pretty much the last 2 weeks of my break was spent on those two things, but I got it done!

Here is Kyson's quilt...

We went "puppy" themed because Gavin's quilt was "puppy" themed..
I also did vinal lettering for their names...

Now on to Adalyn's room. I wanted to keep the "animal" theme because I had got a few cute animal stuff when the boys had the nursery, and I didn't want to give it up!

Here is her name on the wall

Suppose to have a picture...

Monday, March 05, 2012

One Month Baby Girl!

Our little Adalyn is actually 5 weeks old, but we just went in for her one month check up and she is looking great! We are a little nervous she inherited my cross eyes, but the doctor said she is looking okay...for now...hopefully that continues! She weighs 8 lbs 1 oz, (10%) and is 21 inches tall (15%). She has just started smiling too and we are seeing her cute little personality come out!

Here is her big smile!
I took way too many pictures of her...but I start work this week and so I need plenty I can look at when I am away from her!

Our favorite time of the day...

Our favorite time of the day...including Adalyn's favorite time of the day, is when it is time for her bath! She loves the warm water and ....

...her brothers washing her! I have gotten in trouble before if I give her her bath without having them come help me.

Happy Birthday Kyson!

Our little Kyson just turned 3 years old! This picture explains Kyson perfectly...
He is our little comedian. He makes us laugh all day long! On his birthday he was telling everyone else Happy Birthday. We are so lucky to have this little boy in our life!

For his birthday he got two of the most annoying presents...but its my fault for picking them out!
His first present was a drumset. In nursery when they sing songs with little instruments, he always picks the drum and nothing else, so I knew he'd love this little thing!
He is really into guns and shooting right now, so he got a lazer gun set and he and Gavin have had so much fun chasing each other around and shooting each other!
We had a fun little party in the evening with our family. Camille got to join Kyson and be 3 again and have a "Shooting Party". Poor Camille will never have to grow up since she has to share her birthday with Kyson.

Gavin and his sister

Gavin loves Adalyn SO MUCH! He is always asking to hold her. Now, instead of asking, he will just go and pick her up wherever she is. It makes me nervous when he does that so I am trying to discourage it, but it is still pretty cute!

Here is a video of him doing "This little pig..." to her toes...