Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Dad!

One common phrase Gavin hears us say is "Bad Dog!" He is even now telling the dogs they are bad when they get into things they shouldn't get into. Last night Casey was chasing him and teasing him. Gavin was getting fed up with Dad, and he turned around and shakes his finger at Casey and said "Bad Dad!" baby yet! I get induced on Tuesday, so at least I won't go late!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today was the second time I went to go get Gavin from his nap, and I found a dirty diaper on the ground, and him in his changing table, wiping himself. Yuck! I hope this is a step closer to becoming potty trained!

Baby Gavin

Gavin's new favorite thing is to climb in the bassinet and play. I hope when little Kyson comes Gavin won't get jelous!


Gavin has finally mastered the art of coloring. Whenever I would pick him up from nursery, his little papers never had any coloring on it. So I thought we'd better work on this. He now loves to color and asks to color all the time.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So Long Crib!

Gavin survived his first night in his big boy bed. I was very surprised how well he went down. He did get up about an hour after I layed him down. He can't open his door yet, so he would knock on the door and say "Dad!" I went in there and he was telling me he needed to go to the bathroom. So after a quick trip to the bathroom, he layed back down, and was down for the rest of the night! Grandma Barbara made him this quilt for his bed.

Friday, February 06, 2009


On Monday it was our Professional Developement Training Day. Usualy it is a day full of meetings...not very fun. But this meeting was different. We actually all went snowshoeing as a faculty. We went up to Tibble Fork and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors and wonderful weather. About halfway into the hike I started getting contractions, so I turned around and went back. The contractions stopped on the way back, good thing! I'm not quite ready for this baby to come!

Me and my team: Jessica, Natasha, Jen (my other half) and Marie