Monday, June 07, 2010

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Gavin and Kyson have been having so much fun here at Grandma and Grandpa's. There are so many fun things to do including:

catching snakes-Casey found a snake one day while he was mowing, and Gavin fell in love. We put it in a cage and Gavin would sit and watch it. He loved getting it out to hold it too!
taking walks in the wagon-Kyson always knows where to find the wagon, and he climbs right on in and waits for someone to pull him around.
reading books: Gavin usually doesn't care for books much, but just recently he has started loving them. It is my favorite time of the night to sit down with them and read with them before bed.
helping Grandpa or Dad mow the lawn-Gavin loves to get on the riding lawn mower and help dad and Grandpa mow the lawn.
swimming-Gavin and Kyson could live in the swim suits all day and play in their pool. Gavin has turned into my water boy. He loves to get in and splash and swim around, no matter how cold the water is.

Casey was busy working in the yard, and when he was done, put his head in the water to cool off. Gavin had to do the same.
enjoying Otter Pops- My boys just LOVE Otter Pops. It is a good thing Grandma has a HUGE stash.

We should be getting into our new house next week, if everything goes as planned! We have had a little problem with the appraisal, and that set us back a little bit. But for now, we are enjoying ourselves and hope to be in our house soon!

Enjoying Summer!

I'm so glad summer decided to start in June, compared to last year when it finally started in July! We have enjoyed going to the park, swimming, taking walks, playing outside, etc. Last week we went to a park in Cedar Hills that has a creek. I didn't bring swim clothes, and I should have. Gavin was soaking by the time we left! He had so much fun, we'll have to go back, with his swimsuit next time!