Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We had a really great Christmas. I thought it would be a busy day with church at 1:00, but it ended up being really nice. We started off the morning opening our presents. We got ourselves a scanner/printer/copier. It will be nice to have. We also got a HP photo printer, which will be nice, so I don't have to send my pictures to Walmart all the time, I can just do it from home!

We then went over to Casey's parents house and opened presents there. We had Tiff and Rich's family, so it was fun seeing all the kids open their presents. We got a Kitchen Aid, which will be fun to use. I love cooking, and so it will be put to good use!

We then headed off to church, and we had a really nice program. I play the piano for the Choir and it went really well. After church, we headed off to my parents to have dinner and open presents. I wanted to start getting into emergency preparedness, so I got some food to store. We also got a camping stove and a nice tent, so we can do some camping this next summer!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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