Sunday, June 19, 2005

Stawberry Days

This week was Strawberry Days so we had a lot of fun activites. We started off the week on Tuesday going to the Peter Brienholt concert. That was really enjoyable to listen to. On Wednesday we went to the baby contest where Autumn had dressed up Braxton in a cowboy outfit, boots, hat and all. He was so adorable! He won the cutest costume award.

Thursday, Allison, Spencer and Casey and I went out to eat with Ashleigh and Randy for her birthday. We went to eat at Bajios and then went to the rodeo together. It was so much fun. My favorite part is the wild cow milking contest. It was so funny seeing all those cowboys running around trying to catch their cows!

On Saturday we went to the Stawberry Days parade. It was so hot!! It was fun to see my dad and sister in the parade. My dad was in the parade because he is a neighborhood chairman and Autumn was in the parade with Braxton because of the baby contest. It was hot and we were glad to go home when it was over!

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