Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kiddie Kandids

We went to Kiddie Kandids to get pictures taken of the Losee kids, because James and Charity are moving to Arizona next week, and we knew it would be a while before we'd see them again. We had quite the experience! Gavin and Tiff's kids were SO GOOD, but Andee and Nick had a hard time. We finally gave up, and were happy with the picture of the screaming kids! Andee (2 1/2 years) Nick (22 months)
Whitney (3), Alivia (8), Bryce (6) and Weston (2)
Can you tell everyone is sick of being there?


McKenna Gordon said...

Oh crap. Was I supposed to do 4 month pictures and no one told me? Is this a picture milestone? I'm so very bad. I'll try again for 6 months :)

Losee's said...

Sorry Kenna, did you not get the memo? haha...I just thought I'd get a picture of him since we were there anyway...