Sunday, June 15, 2008

Play date at the park...

We had a little play date at the park with my girlfriends and thier kids. It was a lot of fun to see everyone! All the little babies are getting so big! We are finally getting some baby girls to add to the group with the new additions of Sophie (Stacy's baby) and Madalyn (Laura's baby). Before these two, EVERYONE had our boys outnumber the girls by far! Thanks Laura for putting this on!

Thanks for the picture Ashley! I stole this off her blog.
L-R Top: Ashley with Cannon, Me and Gavin, AnnDee, Angie with Packer and Benson
L-R Bottom: Alli, Stacy with Sam and Sophie, Ashleigh with Brady, Annie with Ryan and Laura with Jefferson and Madalyn.
Skipper with Spencer, Ashley, Annie and Angie
Alli is holding little 3 week old Sophie. Can't tell in this picture, but Alli is expecting her first little guy in July.
Laura with Madalyn, AnnDee and Ashleigh with Brady.
Gavin loved playing in the park. Here he is on the swings. He didn't last there long because he spotted the slides...Trying to go down the slide

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Kat and Steve said...

How fun! I got your message but I had a baby shower and about 500 other places to be at the same time you got together. But thanks for the invite anyway. Let me know when you do it again, I'd love to see everyone!