Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bear Lake

We had a great trip up to Bear Lake. We stayed in my parent's condos right on the lake. We had the whole family up there, which was fun. It has been over 2 years (maybe even longer) since we have taken a family trip with EVERYONE. We didn't actually make it out on the lake because of boat problems, but we had fun doing other things. Probably the most fun thing we did was we went biking. They have these funny looking bikes called Suri's. We were in the large one that holds 4 adults and 2 kids. We had fun racing each other. We had a lot of fun swimming, playing Wii, watching movies, eating. Poor Casey could have had a better time, except he was dealing with a tooth ache the whole time. As soon as we got home, we called the dentist (luckly, he is Casey's uncle), and we went to see him, and Casey had to get a root canal done. Other then that, it was a great trip!

Riding on our Suri

My parent's
Alicia, Bob, Damon and Kylie
Gavin loved sitting up front.
Taking a was pretty easy for me, because I think I was doing less because I had Casey, Doug and Autumn to pull the load...lucky me. I didn't get a picture of Logan on his "tricycle". But he had a fun bike that went fast.
Casey loves making Root Beer, we almost drank this whole container during the trip. It was so good.
Gavin and I swimming in the indoor pool. He had fun going from pool to pool.
Casey, Gavin and I in the outdoor pool.
Look at that view. Bear Lake is so pretty.


Chair Losee said...

So fun! And your family picture turned out so cute. Love your hair.

Kat and Steve said...

I love Bear Lake, especially this time of year when it's sooo hot here. Looks like a fun trip!

Ashleigh said...

That looks like a way fun trip! Bear Lake is so pretty! I am glad you had a great time.

Amanda said...

What a fun trip! Two years ago we stayed at the same place with my parents time share.If only Bear Lake was a little bit warmer.