Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas. It was fun to start new traditions and continue other traditions. It made me really think about my family and friends and I see how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many giving and thoughtful people.

Here is Gavin with his advent calendar. Every morning right after breakfast he would point to the fridge and say "more"....meaning, "I want chocolate!" Each little window we would open each day and he would get a chocolate. Only one more day to go...
We started this tradition last year, where on Christmas Eve, we would sit in our PJ's all day and watch Christmas movies, then enjoy a big Christmas Eve dinner. We watched Chipmunks (Gavin's favorite), Micky Mouse's Christmas Carol, Home Alone 2, The Grinch, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We then had a nice dinner of roast...yum! That evening we went to my parent's to have dessert and to do our gift exchange. We also read in Luke 2 and the little grandkids acted out the Christmas story. Gavin was a little shepherd, Damon was a wiseman, Braxton was Joseph and Kylie was Mary. They did a great job.

Gavin had a lot of fun opening his presents and going through his stocking. He was so much fun to watch. He would rip open each present and with each one give an enthusiastic "Wow!".
Playing with his new toy...he loved playing with these at his cousin's, Andee and Nick, so I had to get him his own set.Yes, even the dogs got a present.
My mom and dad came around to each of our homes in the morning to deliver gifts and have breakfast. Here is Gavin opening his present from them. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
He loves his vacuum from Grandma and Grandpa
Showing off his new presents...

Later we went to Casey's parent's and had lunch and a gift exchange there. Gavin got this quilt and blanket for his big boy bed. It is so cute! It has his favorite thing on it...dogs.
Casey got a dart board from James and Charity. He was so excited to get it and has been wanting one for a while. He and his brothers had fun playing a few games. Casey was the champion.

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