Monday, March 09, 2009


For those who know Gavin, know that he is a mamma's boy. I thought he'd have a hard time adjusting to a new person taking my attention, but he has done really well. Today he was really cute and wanted to see "Baby". He kept going in our room and peeking into the bassinet. A little later, I got Kyson up and was changing his diaper in his bedroom. Kyson started crying, and I could hear Gavin, who was playing on the stairs, say "Baby! Baby!" He came running up the stairs and runs into our room to check on the baby.

He has already been a big helper by throwing the diapers away in the garbage, or hand me diapers when I am changing Kyson's diaper. Each day it gets a little easier, and hopefully that continues!


Allison Box said...

Brynn, I am so glad things are going so well so far. Congrats! I am so bad at leaving comments so sorry about that. I can't how fast your pregnancy went. IT has been forever since we have seen each other! I can't wait to see your little guy. Good luck with everything!

Amanda said...

It was so good to see you yesterday. How does the swimsuit fit? I can't believe how good you look already no one would guess you have a baby that is only a couple weeks old.

Losee's said...

I love the swimsuit! I can't wait to wear it at the pool!