Thursday, April 30, 2009


Gavin just had his 2 year check-up. He is a little shorty at 29 inches (less then 5 percent) and is 24 lbs (8 percentile). Here are some things about Gavin:

-loves to play with his cars
-gets excited when he sees trucks (gucks)
-we live kind of close to a train, so we can faintly hear it when it comes by. Whenever he hears it, he always goes "choo choo"
-is finally enjoying books
-loves to play outside. He can spend hours in the backyard.
-LOVES his cousin Braxton. He asks me many times a day where Braxt is.
-loves to hold his little brother
-understands a lot of words, and says a lot of words, even though it isn't very clear
-takes a 3 hour nap every day, and sleeps 12 hours a night (if only Kyson can do the same!)
This age is so much fun. I do know why they call it the "terrible two's" though! We sure love this funny boy!

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