Sunday, May 03, 2009

Our yard

When we bought our house, we had to chose between the house with the big backyard, little front yard, or the house with the big front yard, and little backyard with 2 big trees. We took the one with the trees. But over the last couple of years, because of all the shade in the backyard, what little grass we had, was getting thinner and thinner. Last year we tried to plant shade grass, but that didn't go so well, so this year we took most of it out and landscaped it. We wanted it done by Kyson's baby blessing, so every nice day we had, we tried to work on the yard. Casey was amazing and did pretty much all of it, usually while he was tending our 2 boys while I was at work. We just need to replant some grass and make a sandbox!

My amazing husband finally relaxing.

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Kristine said...

Wow! Your yard is so nice looking! Good job! When's the BB?! :)