Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening in the Canyon

We had a fun evening in the canyon last night. We were right next to a river, and Gavin loved going to see the "waer". He was a big helper and helped Dad start the fire and look for sticks to roast with. It was a beautiful evening and made me really excited to go camping! Enjoying his hot dog.

Watching the "waer"
These boys just love each other!

Roasting marshmallows...mmm.


Kristine said...

Way cute pics! Looks like tons of fun! Drew, Mat and Joe want to plan a camping trip with the friends at the end of summer when Debbie will be able to come.

Losee's said...

Sounds like fun! Count us in! The Old Mill up AF canyon is now open, it isn't too far, and has decent camp sites.

Unknown said...

How darling is your family. Cute pics!

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

I love the picture of Gavin and Kyson. Cheeeeeeese!