Saturday, July 11, 2009


We had a ward camp out last night at Mutual Dell. It was so much fun! Gavin had a blast running around, getting dirty. We had yummy tin foil dinners, good socializing, and tried to get a good night's rest. Gavin was too excited to go to sleep. He loved sharing a bed with mom and dad, and kept trying to play games or just jabber. So after 11:00, he finally fell asleep. Kyson had the best rest out of all of us. As soon as we layed him down, he was out, and didn't wake up until morning. Despite our lack of sleep, we might just try to do this again!

Having breakfast up at the lodge. Yummy pancakes and omlets. Here is my good little eater.
Me going down the zip much fun!

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Skipper said...

I love it! We're hoping to take Spencer camping next month...I'm glad to see how much Gavin loved it!