Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 30th Casey!

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love Casey (not in any order)

1. Is an awesome husband. He is very caring and giving, and always tries to make me happy. He always tells me he loves me.

2. Is a great dad. He loves to spend time with his boys. Yesterday I came home from work, and Casey was suppose to be studying, but said he was getting too distracted with Kyson because Kyson was so happy, Casey just wanted to sit and play with him.

3. Changes his fair share of diapers

4. Thinks it is funny to tickle me and the kids to death..

5. Even though he loves his computer games, he knows how to balance his game time and family time.

6. Works hard both at work and at school. His class he is taking right now, he has 102%!

7. Works hard at home. It may take him a while to get a project done, but he will get it done perfectly.

8. Has a strong testimony

9. Fulfills his church callings.

10. Is a great example of humility.

Casey turned the BIG 30 on the 17th. Casey HATES birthdays, and wanted no presents or a party, but I cheated and got him a popcorn maker he wanted. It tastes just like the movie theater popcorn! Gavin loves it just as much as Casey, and here are some pictures of when we first popped some popcorn. Gavin was so excited the whole time, and every day since then, insists on making more popcorn!

Don't you love Gavin's excited face?
Happy Birthday Casey!

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Ashleigh said...

That's funny! Happy Birthday Casey! Brynn, you need to get your fabrics from me! I am home all day today. Or can swing by tomorrow.