Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cute Boys

Gavin and Kyson are always making us laugh. Here are a couple of funny things they did that I caught on camera. Of course, it probably is only funny to me.

I gave Kyson a bottle, and he was laying on the couch drinking and Gavin climbed up right next to him and started drinking his sippy. It makes me lauh how Gavin tries to be like Kyson. Giving the dogs a bath. Look how big Kyson looks standing up next to the tub! Gavin is always a big help. He is always right by my side helping me clean, vacuum, dust, etc. On Sunday at church he was entertained for most of Sacrament Meeting by cleaning our seat with a baby wipe. He must be related to Grandma Deana.

1 comment:

Alicia Jackman said...

Love it Brynn,
Kyson is so big and Gavin bathing the puppies himself! ;)