Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kyson turns 1!

My little Kyson turned 1! I can't believe we have had this little boy for a whole year! He had a fun day and was spoiled. We had cake and ice cream in the evening, and he loved his pig cupcake. I attempted to make a creative cake, and I was happy with how it turned out!

Yummy cupcake!

Singing Happy Birthday...this is Gavin's favorite part! He was very helpful in helping Kyson blow out the candle.
Happy Birthday Camille!!
Grandma Barbara came by and gave Kyson this cute helicopter. Gavin needs to learn that it is Kyson's, not Gavin's.

Cute barnyard cake and animals...


Camille Spence said...

haha. my shirt. and wow my hair is really long. i don't notice it because it's on my head.

and i had had the best time last night!! very fun birthday! Thanks for having me over! Love you guys!

Hawk Family said...

How cute!! These babies grow up to quick!

Unknown said...

You're cupcakes turned out great! I wish I could do things like that.