Friday, March 04, 2011

2 Year Old Boy!

My sweet little Kyson is now 2! Kyson use to be this cautious little boy who was quiet and unsure of new situations. Not anymore! Kyson is our little dare devil! One of his favorite things to do is jump off of things. He doesn't care how high up they are, he just jumps.

He is a little imitator. He especially loves to imitate his brother. He LOVES Gavin. He can't say Gavin's name very clearly yet, but whenever Gavin walks into the room he says "Dadi"!

His vocabulary is growing, but it is hard to understand him. Blankie, Stinky, and Drink sound the same. He can say "George" clearly though. He loves Curious George. Some other words he says good (but not perfect) are: mommy, daddy, Braxtie (Braxton), baby, papa (for Grandma and Grandpa), potty, Jesus, thank you, please, cheese, drink, blankie, stinky, bye bye, socks, shoes.

He is getting close to being potty trained. He is defiantly has a different personality then Gavin. When I was potty training Gavin, he never fought me when it was time to sit on the toilet, but Kyson has fought me from day 1! If he doesn't want to sit, he won't! He is doing better though!

He has no problems going to nursery. He loves to go, which is very different from Gavin. Gavin has always had a hard time. The other day at church, Gavin had to hold both of our hands as he was going to primary, and Kyson refused to hold my hand and went running into his class.

I always say "When he's good, he's very good, and when he's bad he's very bad". He can be the sweetest little boy, but then have these aweful tantrums when he's mad. I guess that is part of being a 2 year old!

Every night he has to say "Night" to Casey and Gavin. If I try to put him to bed with out saying "Night" he lets me know!

He loves his 2 uncles. Uncle Logan and Uncle Darin. He says Logan's name really clearly it sounds like "Wogie". And he loves to "shoot" Uncle Darin. Sometimes he gets them mixed up and calls Uncle Darin "Wogie" and tries shooting Uncle Logan.

One funny thing is that he loves to get his hair done. He'll be my stylish little guy.

He loves the dogs and can say each of their names clearly. His favorite is Emma. He also can tell each one apart, which can be pretty tricky because they all look a like.

I can't believe we have had this little terror for 2 years, but we love him, so we'll keep him!


Unknown said...

I can't believe he's already two! What a cute fun kid he is. Happy Birthday!

Kat and Steve said...

Really?! Two already? Wow. He really is so cute. Hope he had a happy birthday!