Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midway Vacation

We took a much needed vacation to Midway this past week. My parent's got the condo for Spring Break, but they had their own trips to take, so us kids got to use it! We spent it relaxing, swimming, eating and enjoying each other's company.

The first night and following day the boys spent it like this:

Doug, Aaron, Logan and Casey snuggling while watching Star Wars

We went swimming every day.

Kyson learned to sleep without a crib. We brought our pack and play just in case, but he ended up doing really good on the floor. He is a mover though! I'd find him in the craziest positions!
While we were eating out one night, a lady thought these two were twins. They are a year apart, and one has brown eyes, the other has blue, so I don't see it, but they sure are cute. Bailey came to sit on Kyson's lap.
We played at the park

Snuggling with their blankies. These two are obsessed with their blankets.


Kirsten said...

Cute pictures! Glad you got to get away. It really is time for a little break!

Unknown said...

Oh my word, I can't believe how big these kids are getting! They are so dang cute!

Everyone watching star wars- hilarious! They are all in their own little world....

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Unknown said...

How much fun! I'm just disappointed that you were in Midway and we didn't get to see you! Actually, we were out of town this week, so it wouldn't have worked anyway. Still too bad though.

Losee's said...

Ashley, we did think of you guys and thought it would have been fun to have you come up and go time!