Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Huck Finn Days

We love Huck Finn Days during Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days Festivals. Gavin loves fish, so this is the highlight of the year!

When it was time to bring in all the fishing poles, and go out to catch the fish with nets, this is what Gavin looked like most of the time. He would get so frustrated he wasn't catching a fish. Some nice girl told him she would catch a fish for him, and that calmed him down.
This is his face when this sweet girl brought him the fish she caught. After becoming attatched to this (dead) fish, Gavin decided he didn't want to eat it. He'd go check on it constantly, and finally when it started stinking, he said it was okay to throw it away. This fish lived a very satisfying life making a 4 year old boy very happy.

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