Saturday, July 07, 2012

Losee Family Pictures

 More pictures!  These are pictures I took of Casey's family.  We were so busy taking pictures, we didn't get our family picture, or a good picture of our those will come later when we can get them out there again to take pictures!

James' kids
Andee age 7

 Nick age 6

 Brock age 3

 Tyler age 2

 Tiff's kids
Bryce age 10
 Weston age 7
 Alivia age 13
 Roxi age 4
 Whitney age 8
 Simmon's kids
 Simmons Family
 For all you Darin fans (oh, he'll hate I put this in here!  Good thing he never checks my blog!)
 James' kids
 James' family
 All the grandkids

 Losee Family

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