Thursday, March 21, 2013


My FUNNY little Kyson just turned 4 on March 3.  I love this little boy.  He is a mischievious little boy who makes us laugh. Some things about Kyson are:

-He is always teasing Gavin.  His latest is to hide Gavin's stuffed puppy in the garbage...
-When Adalyn wakes up in the morning, he is the first one in there and hops in the crib with her
-Is willing to do ANYTHING with a positive attitude, whether it is homework, or go out to practice soccer.
-Loves to sit down and do his "homework". 
-Is a video gamer...loves all different kinds of games
-Loves his blankie

He had a great birthday and his favorite gift was his new Skylanders.  Here is his face when he opened up his Skylander...priceless

  Loves Spiderman, so here was my attempt at a Spiderman cake

 His birthday buddy Camille!

 He thought that big cake was all his, so when I cut it up to give to everyone, he got so sad.  He got over it, and still said it was his cake, but he was sharing it all.

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