Saturday, May 18, 2013

Midway Weekend

 We had a fun weekend up at Midway!  On Friday night I went to Park City with my girlfriends and we did some shopping and eating out and then headed to Midway to "sleep"...we talked most of the night but did get a little sleep.  Sadly no pictures from that night!

The next morning after my friends left, Casey and the kids came up and my whole family came up not long after that.  We wanted to celebrate Logan and Aaron graduating college.  Logan with his Bachelors Degree and he'll be moving on to Pharmacy School. And Aaron with his Masters in Business and he'll be moving on Business School.  We had a great time with everyone and were able to enjoy some good food and swimming.

 Here is Adalyn FREAKING OUT when she got in the water.  She did not like it at all!

 Still sad

 Much better, snuggling with Grandma

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